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I'm not sure how I ran across this post, but it led me to all kinds of other archives of vintage cereal boxes. If you spent as much time as I did staring at sugary cereal boxes every morning, you might want to check out this movie about cereal-obsessed slackers who operate rival cereal bars. Zooey Deschanel is the instigator who is trying to get her boyfriend to leave [...]


Helvetica is a 2008 documentary film by Gary Hustwit. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the ubiquitous typeface, Helvetica also looks at how type impacts our lives. Helvetica trivia: the name was derived from "Helvetia", the Latin name for Switzerland, the home of its designers. Helvetica official website

Hamilton Wood Type Museum

Typeface, a documentary from Kartemquin Films, is making the festival circuit. A struggling rural Wisconsin printing factory-turned-museum, The Hamilton Wood Type Museum, opens its doors once a month to artisans from across the Midwest, who arrive for workshops in the nearly lost art of letter press. The website for the project is appropriately type-stylish! Limited-edition letterpress prints are for sale to support the film, including this one by Boston-based [...]


Post for Saturday, September 26. I saw this film tonight at the NYFF on the rise of Benito Mussolini, and the little-known story of his first wife and son, who were both discredited, disowned and placed in mental institutions.  Nice man! There is a scene where Mussolini visits a Futurist exhibit, and director Marco Bellocchio describes the film as "a Futurist melodrama".  The wife and nation are both betrayed [...]


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