How we earn money

Post for Friday, September 25.

Apparently I have not learned anything new about type conventions since I was in college – long before I used a computer. I didn’t get the memo that there is now only one space between a period and the start of a new sentence, and have been happily and ignorantly using two.

Here’s one of my typing exercises from seventh grade. Typing was boring, so I made up my own text.

how we earn money

Subway type

I found this article quite a while ago, but it’s worth posting here.  If you’re interested in the history of the NYC subway system signage, there’s more info here than you could possibly imagine.

subway tile

Beginning of type journal

Starting Monday, September 21, I have an assignment to collect an example of typography daily, good or bad, in any form, and create a journal.

Here’s a photo from Tuesday, September 22.


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