A Humament

Quite by chance, I ran across the work of Tom Phillips, a living British artist who is known for painting, particularly portraiture, and other mixed media works. He is a prolific writer, and even composed an opera (Irma), a recording of which was produced by Brian Eno. Eno was an art student of Phillips’ and a frequent subject of his portraits.

Since the 60’s Phillips has been revising and republishing his “altered book”, A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel. In a randomly purchased book, he manipulated the text to reveal his own story, with each page being a work of art in itself.

The original work,  A Human Document by William Hurrell Mallock, was shortened to A Human Document. Phillips used the same technique in many of his other works, always using Mallock as source material.













Tom Phillips entry on Wikipedia

Tom Phillips official website and blog

Post from Regina Hackett’s blog, Another Bouncing Ball, where I originally ran across the artist.

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