Stalking the New York Times typefaces and fonts:

For a class assignment, I have to mock up a NY Times Op-Ed page. I could have asked my friend who works there what fonts they use, but thought that might defeat the purpose a little.

For the headline, I went through every font I have and compared this lower-case G until I found the right one – Cheltenham Book.

For the body text, I wasn’t as lucky. I had to refer to articles on the web, and it’s a typeface I don’t have: Imperial

Along the way I found a lot of discussion about the Times’ redesign in 2003, and how previous redesigns had been received.

The Times announces its redesign, October 21, 2003.

Slate deconstructs the changes, November 5, 2003.

A history of the New York Times nameplate on Typopedia. In 1967 a redesign of the logo removed the long-standing period after the name, and a thousand horrified readers dropped their subscriptions!